Amped Up

6 Jul

Thanks to the official London 2012 Facebook page, I am charged up and ready for the Olympics to start! Too bad I still have to wait 21 days…

The Facebook page is doing a great job at trying to engage fans in the excitement embodied by the Olympic opening ceremonies. Their media team is clearly working hard on finding ways to help this year’s Olympic Games measure up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

They are also harnessing support of world famous bands to help champion their cause. Personally, I think this is a great tactic. Not all people who tune into the Olympics are die-hard sports fans. Some just tune in because they know a lot of their friends will be talking about it.

Earning the support of bands like Muse, who wrote “Survival” just for the games, opens doors to Olympic moments that untraditional fans may have not otherwise had. It also spices things up for those of us that are already passionate about athletics.

One thing that is surprising to me, however, are the lack of comments generated by users on the posts, pictures, and videos shared by the page. Maybe the numbers will grow as we get closer to the games, or maybe links to individual athlete stories will gain more attention once people see them actually compete…

The answer is unclear, but I hope whoever is planning the social media strategy finds a way to increase engagement because 3-4 comments or “likes” on such a huge international event is kind of depressing. I get more comments when I let my friends know what I had for dinner.

As we’ve seen, over the past few weeks, athletes, fans, and Olympic organizers are all a part of the changing media landscape. This year’s games will determine many of the procedures for major upcoming events, regarding social media use.

The scope of practice in marketing, public relations, advertising, and customer service has evolved drastically over a short period of time. It will be interesting to see how they continue to change in the future.

Side Note:

My time for blogging about social media, public relations, and the Olympics has come to a pause. For the next few weeks, I will be focusing my online efforts elsewhere. If you’re interested in kicking your lazy habits, and getting into shape, check out my fitness blog at under ““I’m too lazy!” and other excuses I tell myself.”

Until next time…


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