USOC YouTube Channel

30 Jun

I am so excited about out the official USOC YouTube channel. It might surpass Facebook as my new online addiction.

The site offers stories about athletes, their training, progress, hopes, and results. This is a great public relations move for the US Olympic Committee. The page is an easy resource for Olympic fans to learn more about their favorite athletes, and also some they may have not heard of before.

After checking out a few videos on the “Qualified” page, one thing I noticed is that each athlete does a “call to action” at the end of the video asking fans to subscribe to the channel. This creates a new opportunity for fan engagement. Without asking, many fans would probably check out a few videos, and then move on to something else. By reminding viewers to subscribe, they may be more likely to consider doing it (it worked on me). They also make it simple, by adding a button icon that is shown over the video image with text saying, “Click to Subscribe.”

I also think it’s great that the page offers looks at Olympic moments some of us may have missed (because we weren’t born yet or otherwise). Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) is one of the greatest competitors of all time, and being able to retrieve footage from his Olympic gold is amazing. Without social media, conjuring film and commentary would be very difficult.

The only negative thing I have to say about the offering of videos is that I’m left tearing up after almost every one. Athletes train so hard, and often sacrifice things many of us take for granted. Usually the sob-fest doesn’t commence until the actual television broadcast of the games. Now I’ll be crying ALL THE TIME.

I was originally directed to the YoutTube channel from an article posted on Mashable.


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