So Many Handles

15 Jun

After a few days of following a sport I previously knew little about, rowing, I realized how exciting it is to live in this age of technology and social media. A friend, who was competing in the US Olympic Trials for the event, couldn’t update me on his results as fast as I wanted. Thankfully, I found a Twitter feed (@usrowing) that was updated almost immediately following each race.

It got me thinking…

Will I be able to find my favorite sports on Twitter during the Olympic games this summer? My initial reaction to the Twitter handle @London2012 was, “Geez, this is going to be great! A way to receive up to the minute information on my phone!” but when I thought about it more, my inner dialogue changed to, “What are the implications this will have on reception of news, and information congestion?” There are just so many sports and athletes that it seemed as though the timeline would get clogged.

After a little digging, I was impressed by the thoughtfulness the Olympic media team put into their Twitter accounts. There are separate handles for separate tasks. For example, @London2012HQ, is used as a public relations tool with tweets such as, “@TeamGBR Hi all, please visit this link: & RT the tweet that opens to help promote International Paralympic Day?”

There are also handles for 36 individual sports, as well as a few Paralympic sports. Although there has been no activity since the beginning of May on most of the handles, including @L2012Athletics (track and field), @L2012Football (soccer – for those of us in the United States), @L2012Volleyball and @L2012ArtGym (gymnastics), I expect that information will be constantly flowing once the London 2012 Olympic Games commence.

I was excited by the discovery of these individual sport handles, but I am also surprised and disappointed that there is little to no activity regarding the build up and preparation for the individual events. It would be nice if there was some “hype” about the athletes, entertainment, or even the facilities. Good planning is important to any successful campaign, but so is good implementation. Yes, the handles are ready, but why introduce them if there is no activity for nearly six weeks?

Let’s just hope that the media team is currently busy making other preparations (which I’m almost positive they are), and that “radio silence” doesn’t continue. I’m looking forward to see what my favorite sports have to offer up on Twitter.

(A complete list of London 2012 Olympic Game event handles can be seen on the @London2012 page background, as well as each event page background.)

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